Shit starts getting real


I am still pretty much in the holiday mood. Or the slacking, relaxing mood. Being all chill, and catching up on dramas at home. I really enjoy having me time in the night, just sitting on my bed, scrolling tumblr or watching a drama. And multi-tasking. I always multitask, can’t seem to just concentrate on one thing. Even now as I’m typing this I’m watching the recent ep of TVD (still a guilty pleasure, the show is starting to get draggy). I have been working out though, and feeling good about myself in the process haha. Haven’t worked out in ages, glad I’m beginning to again.

First two weeks of school without tutorials just passed. Feeling so restless and unenthusiastic about the weeks that are about to come. Tutorials will start, I’ll have to start tutorial prep, and project work will start rolling in. Busy days are looming ahead, sigh so not looking forward 🙁 Feeling all sorts of intimidated for this semester because I have almost a project for every module and projects make me uncomfortable. Working with people you just met and presentations sigh.

I have been on time with my readings so far though. So far so good? Finally got my timetable finalized just two days ago -_- Took me great pains to get a tutorial slot for one of my mods, I wasn’t allocated any until Thursday haha ridiculous much. Was getting so damn annoyed. I have Tuesdays and odd Mondays free ^^ Whoop for 3 day weeks 😛 But foreseeing myself coming to school on my free days for possible project meetups though.

In other news, I can’t believe CNY is next week already. How fast is time passing?! That also means there are no lessons on Friday whoop 😉 Oh yes and just yesterday afternoon I went to The Paper Stone and got myself some cute stickers hehe 4 for $9.90! Very happy with my purchases. Planning on decorating my newly bought schedule/calendar book thingy from Muji. Have been feeling the strong urge to online shop recently ugh. Feel like I need some wardrobe revamp. Passed on a lot of my old tshirts to my sister since she can wear them.

Been appreciating the cool weather a lot recently 🙂 Sweater weather. How I wish Singapore would be like that all year round.

With love,