Ikoi Restaurant buffet

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Went for a buffet lunch last Saturday with my family and my grandparents in celebration of my birthday. A belated one because well we couldn’t reserve a spot on my birthday weekend.


Ikoi Japanese Restaurant is located at Miramar Hotel, somewhere near Outram. It’s quite a low-profile place, located in a low-profile hotel. But despite them being a really small-scale and low-profile restaurant, the place was pretty packed when we were there! There were many regular customers I suppose.

Waiting time was also a little long considering it’s a small place and they were understaffed (they had a note given to the customers when you first walk in telling you to understand that they are understaffed). Managing expectations there.


While waiting for the food and enjoying our APPETISERSĀ šŸ™‚

We were seated in a very cosy little room where more people could sit, since there was 7 of us anyway. Yes it was cosy and nice, but it also meant that it was hard to get the waitress’ attention at times. It’s an ala carte buffet, so we placed our orders once we sat down (see menu below!). There was quite an array of different food, and they offered many different kinds of sashimi as well. Mun and I tried the swordfish, cuttlefish and tuna sashimi afterwards (you can request for just 1 slice!).

A very long menu! Didn’t manage to try a lot there, I will go there again to!

The waiting time was initially pretty long, longer than the ala carte buffet at Nihon Mura perhaps? But once the food starts coming, you pretty much won’t realise how long you’ve been waiting because you’ll be too busy eating all the good food!


There were a few complementary dishes for customers as well. 3 raw salmon slices as appetizers, which were delicious by the way. 2 teapot soups and 2 hotpot soups šŸ™‚ They were delicious! They also served us with a complimentary salmon head afterwards, which totally threw us off guard because we were already drowning with the full table of food LOL.

Teapot soup! I don’t know the exact name oops.
Hotpot soup! It got quite salty till the end but it was very delicious while it was hot!
Very large salmon head which my grandfather finished even though he said he was full hahaha.

I like how Ikoi Japanese Restaurant put in effort to make each dish they serve presentable, unlike other ala carte buffets like Nihon Mura, which stacks up all the sashimi and serves it to you in a little plate. Especially when they served up only one slice of raw cuttlefish, swordfish and tuna and still bothered to present it nicely on a plate!

They also serve their food in very manageable portions. You’ll always have to specify in your orders how many people is the food for, and they will serve the appropriate servings. So you don’t have to worry about over ordering if it’s just a table for 2, all the portions are moderated! šŸ™‚

Fried rice, curry udon and curry rice which were portioned for one and presented really nicely!

The flood of food pictures are up! My parents surprisingly were the ones who set all the dishes in front of me for me to photograph instead of me calling to get a picture LOL. We are in the new age.

The chicken wings weren’t very nice, not recommended šŸ™ Looks delicious on picture though.
DSC06548Haha I’m not a fan of fish either, but this can be eaten whole! My dad thoroughly enjoyed it.Ā 

The grand platter of salmon sashimi!!! Omg our faces lighted up when we saw that platter arriving *-* This is a serving for 7 by the way! The slices were really thick as well. It was a very generous serving, so worth it!

Our prawn and vegetable tempura.
Japanese porridge. It was quite watery but really tasty still.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

401 Havelock Rd
Singapore 169631
Tel: 6887 3788

With love,