Threaded Hot Dog Bites

I made dinner last Wednesday for the family hehehe šŸ™‚ I was pretty delighted that I could do it. Well I just decided that I should do something productive since I’m lazing around at home haha.


We spent some time threading the pasta into the sausage slices. I used cocktail sausages, which were the only ones available to use in the fridge. Well I think I cut the slices too small, because I was scared that the pasta wouldn’t be able to poke through. But actually they were really easy to thread! Surprisingly. Well and I was using vermicelli instead of regular spaghetti. We have been eating vermicelli all along at home, spaghetti is a little too thick for our liking haha.


Also another learning point: When you leave the pasta threaded into the sausage slices for too long, the part where its inside the sausage will start to get moist from the sausage and tear off šŸ™ So while I was cooking the pasta, the first ones were all broken already. I ended up just ripping the pasta out (which resulted in very short strands) and re-threaded them before cooking them immediately in the pot haha.

I also prepared the pasta sauce. It’s just a bottle of Prego sauce with the tips of the sausage and mushrooms (my favourite hehe)! Really easy meal but am still proud of my accomplishment hahaha. The family loved the pasta. Just that I have to thread less strands into each sausage next time to moderate the size of the mouthfuls we’d have to take LOL.

With love,