Kukup resort food

Kukup Resort


This 2D1N weekend getaway felt way more than a weekend because our day was so long. Other than how hot and humid the weather was, the accommodation was good, the food was good and the company was really great 🙂

I woke up not bright, but early at 5am and omg wanted to die -_- It was a pity we didn’t have full attendance: Sean and Sze Meng didn’t manage to come along due to their other commitments hahaha 🙁 The trip would have been different with them!


It was really nice having everyone on the coach bus together. A 40-seater bus with only around 20 people in it heh, all us kids took 2 seats each and were in so much comfort. We also made much noise on our way to breakfast heh. We had wanton mee, really traditional style. It was only around a 2h ride from the causeway to Kukup. I had a good nap LOL.


We went to the Beijing Resort at Kukup, the nice lads from there fetched us from the bus terminal and helped us with our luggage and walked us to the place. The rooms were all bunk bed style, and there are actually plenty of rooms in the whole place. Thankfully for our large crowd of 20 people, the nice owners gave us the whole upper deck space to ourselves! All the rooms upstairs was ours and fully air-conditioned!! We learnt to appreciate that so much more when we came back after all our roaming about x_x

The kids in our big room with 3 bunk beds, and each bed can fit 2!

Here’s me with the view outside our second floor window 🙂 Credits to Linus for taking it for me.

I have so many photos that I want to put it up here. Even though no one reads it, just organizing them into a personal diary makes me happy looking at it hahah. Of course I am also lazy to rant about the entire day’s happenings in one day.

We arrived at the place at around 10 in the morning, which I would probably not be awake on usual mornings LOL. Which made the day feel so damn long, by the time we gathered everyone together to leave the place for an explore, we were already so tired from the early morning x_x But here’s a group photo taken near the resort balcony before we went for the explore 🙂


Hehe we all sat along the long bench and then suddenly it became a huge photo pose! We are seated according to age hehe. And my aunties made us cross our legs in the same direction and I felt like I was posing for a pageant photo LOL. We look so prim and proper in the other half of the photo.

With love,