Day explore at Kukup,

I called for everyone to have some arm action and took this photo, too bad the water is a little dirty.

As we looked out from the big balcony of the building, we saw all the kelongs out there, and many houses on stilts. We also saw someone from the neighbouring building washing her hands at the sink, and saw the water pouring out from below hahaha. Some sink that is.
Bright and pretty pictures taken at the balcony 🙂 The sun was so damn bright and my eyes struggled to open.

After the explore of the building, the owners showed us this entire table of fireworks and firecrackers that we could buy to play at night! Never seen fireworks in my life just sitting in front of me like that haha. All we can play in Singapore are some sparkle sticks. The biggest pack costed $400 Ringgit!

We then took a small ferry to visit a nearby kelong. The walk to the ferry in the sweltering heat almost doomed me x_x My skin felt like it was burning, thankfully it didn’t leave me with strange tan lines!

Hehe Rachel and I posing for Brenda’s camera while the other adults were laughing at some joke ^^
Kelongs always freak me out a little because the wooden planks are so small and look so unstable! A little boy showed us around, and even held a small puffer fish in our faces and showed us its teeth. We just did a little look-see-look-see around the kelong, didn’t actually manage to see much fish though. Then after that we bought some keropok and little snacks from there to eat on our way back hehe 🙂 Plus it was really cheap!

These dead puffer fishes were also there. But well it’s so creepy to look at, especially with those glasses o_o
After getting that seawater breeze and our hair slapped into our faces throughout those ferry rides, we settled at a restaurant for lunch! It was really packed and even though air-conditioned, the massive crowd made it really humid. It was barely 1pm and I already felt like I sweat enough for a week LOL. Our sumptuous lunch!

Yum yum the crab was really nice hehe.

The sky was pretty but it also meant that the sun was merciless on us! 
Right after suffering from that humidity and crazy sun-rays, we all roamed around the street shops and quickly left for the house to chill out hehe. Oh yes I also forgot to mention that we had a whole karaoke room in the place. Anything that is air-conditioned is great ^^ The adults sang for the entire day and wow even I was impressed.
No pictures of the entire body massage that we all did but wow that was some experience that I went through LOL. When she cracked my back and neck, Rachel and I couldn’t help it but laugh out loud! Haha omg I was so surprised that my body could crack that much. Omg. Rachel was all like ‘omg broken already’ HAHA.

With love,