Kukup resort food

BBQ feast and firework madness

After we idled the whole day away (napping, enjoying karaoke, having full body massages), we were already starving and the place could only accommodate us for dinner at 8pm! šŸ™ Thankfully it was quite a spread, BBQ dinner!


Before enjoying our BBQ dinner hehe šŸ™‚


Ala carte buffet style. We could order any of the dishes repeatedly! We actually didn’t order much despite being so hungry. Probably because the portions were so generous haha. The boys ate so much rice gosh it frightens me sometimes. Boys at their prime LOL.

Right after being so bloated from dinner, we bought some fireworks and firecrackers and went to the huge balcony at the back to play with them! A young lad from the resort helped us with it the whole time (we tipped him the next day!). I wish I had nice photos of the sparkles and fireworks but I focused on taking videos the whole time.


It was too tough to take photos of the fireworks! And those bright sparklers. My night mode doesn’t work that well and then my skills aren’t that great on the manual mode either šŸ™ Video worked the best. And I don’t think videos are going to work very well if I were to place them here. Hehe but oh wells, we had a whale of a time and we had so much fun!

First time playing with firecrackers and omg never knew how they really seemed like up-close. We bought so many sparklers and firecrackers. We all screamed and shouted when lighting the firecrackers. Managed to get every single one of us to go try lighting the firecrackers, except Tung of course. Gosh it made us scream and I’m sure we made a lot of noise haha! I screamed and ran as soon as I saw the firecrackers light up omg. It also hurts like a rubber band when the pieces hit you! I think we really made a mess around the whole place haha oops.


Next morning we woke up bright and early and then we left for Pontian for another restaurant lunch! I have only heard of Pontian from the Pontian Wanton Mee in Singapore hahaha. We also went shopping at a nearby mall after that but well not much loot. Tried CoolSticks though! My sis said it’s famous in Korea too. It was really interesting! But I didn’t manage to get a picture, we were too in need of a refreshment to stop for a picture heh šŸ˜›


This short getaway to Kukup was really much needed and enjoyable for me and I’m sure the rest feel the same. I remember clearly all our other mass trips, like our Bintan trips which used to be pretty frequent when we were smaller, and the New Zealand trip of 08. Although we don’t have full attendance all the time, all that spent time is still precious and we have created many irreplaceable memories together šŸ™‚ Can’t wait for a day where all of us cousins can go on a trip on our own :’)

(I spent so much time detailing a short weekend getaway because I am a lazy bum heh. Feels like a spam.)

With love,