HP Family Day

HP Family Day 2014


We didn’t arrive early enough to squeeze with everyone to make a mark on this wall 🙁

Attended my dad’s company’s Family Day last Saturday. It was held at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, fully indoor hehe. I haven’t been there before! It’s really out of the way though, but really huge inside! And other than the Family Day event, they were also celebrating Hewlett Packard’s 75th Anniversary.

Probably won’t get to see this view too often because we were in the departure area of the cruise centre. But the water was so nice and blue and the sea looked so calm 🙂


Many games were related to the number 75 somehow, like a fitness challenge where people had to do challenges within 75 seconds (like sit-ups, pull-ups, star jumps hahaha). We kinda only played one game, because the queues were all sooooooo long and it moved like one cm every 10 minutes -_- The booths seemed understaffed anyway though. The same people manned all the game booths for the whole afternoon poor little things lol.

I would say the decor was pretty well done haha. And there were a lot of people! Apparently over 6000 people turned up for the event! But apart of all of that, I think the event management wasn’t very good. The food catering was good though!


There was like a speech and cake-cutting before the official end of the event. The lights were turned off and everyone stood up to get pictures of the small fireworks that lit up in front of the stage. Well that’s all I got from my seat lol.

The skyline + that sunset was so breathtaking wow.

The event ended with a show of fireworks in front of the CBD skyline. Beautiful haha. Whipped out my camera and shot continuous shots throughout the entire display! Enjoyed the day with my family and grandparents hehe. Oh yes my grandfather kept whipping out his new camera to take pictures too and that was quite funny! How cute, I’m sure he caught lots of candids 😛

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