The best girlfriends

I finally met up with my favourite girls on Thursday for dinner šŸ™‚ Missed them so much! It’s been a month since we last met and this time was also full attendance! It is so rare really, only recently we’ve been all free to meet together. The time is so precious.

It was a meet-up to celebrate Isabel’s and my birthday. Yes I know how ridiculous it is to be celebrating my birthday now HAHA I’ve been 20 for more than a month now! Well they were waiting for my present to arrive (supposedly ordered online but ended up not because of issues) then after that we just delayed the meeting until this week LOL. Oh wells, as long as we meet up and had a good time šŸ™‚

We had cheap thrills when we sat in Hoshino’s Coffee for like half an hour (only some of us, while waiting for full attendance) and then decided to leave the place because the food choices were limited. LOL never done that before, felt so bad and sheepish when we left. We kept telling each other not to turn back or walk past the cafe again! And so much for wanting to try new places, because we ended up at Hifumi, where we went before for Jieyu’s birthday celebration last year LOL. #sighpie

Talked for the longest time ever, until the restaurant was about to close and the waitress came over and asked us to pay up! Gosh it was the best catch-up ever, also because I know I won’t be hearing those stories over and over again because we were allllll present hehe.


Bel and I together with our very cute heart-shaped cakes šŸ˜‰

Also thank you to Raey and Jieyu for baking Bel and I those cute little flavoured cakes as birthday cakes! This time no extra money spent buying the cakes I guess haha. They tasted good šŸ™‚ Have yet to eat those that Jieyu gave me to bring home but I will tomorrow morning heh šŸ™‚


Actually a really nice mirror shot of all of us because we’re all donning such bright colours (cept me of course ._.) but I think the Android to Apple sending really killed the quality of the photo šŸ™ Oh wells so I had to blur it out to save it from that serious grainy-ness and pixels.

With love,