With the clique that has no name

LOL @ my title. I’m just getting to that. I have sorta names that I can call different groups of friends, like group mates, teammates, classmates, girlfriends blah. And for this group, I just don’t even know! Hahaha we are classmates, just with Yibo as an addition.

Jia & IThe Groupon Guys

Well so Gerald Jia and I finally met up for dinner yesterday! We were supposed to eat at Shirokiya, this Japanese hotpot thing that Gerald got from Groupon (the guys are such Groupon fans I can’t…LOL) but unfortunately the place needs reservation and we were unable to get comfortable seats. I say comfortable because all that was left were outdoor seats and of course you don’t want to dress up to go to town only to sit outdoors to enjoy hotpot right?!

Yibo had some vouchers ($100 worth actually) for this cafe or something at Orchard Central called Dean & Deluca so we decided to check it out! Anyway it’s really difficult finding places to eat in town, pretty much everywhere would involve a queue 🙁 Thankfully the waiter helped us form a table for 4 hehe if not we wouldn’t have seats there either.

Beef steak and salmon filletMore fish, french onion soup & pasta salad
The beef and fish and pasta salad. Missed out on the chicken haha.
Truffle fries
Truffle fries!! With a tiny bit of chilli sauce, which was not enough haha.
Green Tea Chendol, Chocolate shake, Citrus Mint

We ordered a whole lot! Or so I thought when we were deciding how to reach $100 just by looking at the menu. Thankfully the portions were not that huge and we were able to finish everything. It also didn’t look that overwhelming when everything came to the table haha #dontknowwhy. Anyhoo, the things were pretty nice!

We ordered salmon, chicken and beef (which Yibo and I shared because the other two don’t eat beef). We also had truffle fries, which were very crispy and tasty, and a pasta salad. I think that was all? Haha oh and soup. And drinks.

Selfies are a must.

Especially after Yibo and Gerald took 12564724 photos of us both and they still weren’t really focused LOL.

Hahaha I feel like we always annoy Yibo when we’re out together but it’s like that, can’t change 🙂 Til our next Groupon meal! Looking forward to that hotpot hahaha.

With love,