Aches that are worth the while

I am aching from that intense physical activity that I put my body through. But they are all happy aches 🙂 I finally went back to CSC to crash a training session with the rest of the girls on Tuesday.

Lovely girls

To be honest I was really hesitating about my decision to go back to play badminton. Well I didn’t have the best time in my last years in training.

But to quote Stephenie from her IG post that time, ‘I have never felt more alive’. It really feels so good being back on the courts and playing.

I never thought I’ll be saying this but yeah. Especially now when there’s no pressure. Who cares if the match is lost, who cares if you miss the ball, who cares if you get thrashed?! (Not that I didn’t feel frustrated every time I had an ‘airball’ or when I made a bad shot PFFT.) It’s really just friendly games all the way and the aim is just really to let yourself go and have fun.

It was great really, despite getting blisters on both my ankles. I can’t exactly explain the location of my blisters but they are weird places. Partly because I wear low ankle socks that are too thin that’s why 🙁 Haha the plaster kept coming off too and it was stupid. But well it felt so good to just sweat it all out and yeah. I really can’t continue to put anymore of this in words. I will love to be back again 🙂

Dinner after that with the girls + Coach + Baisheng and two other girls who train with us in CSC was also a fun time. Coach always treats us to such expensive buffet dinners, all we can really do is sheepishly stand aside. It also warms my heart that Coach bothered asking me how come I disappeared for so long and didn’t come back to play. I feel bad for even hesitating now. It’s nice to know that you’re being welcomed. :’)

Buffet dinner with the team!
Team is the best! DHSBT

I had such a lovely time and I look forward to the next. 🙂

With love,