Motivated for exercise

I am proud to say that I have been rather active recently! I’ve played badminton twice and went for a gym session once for the past two weeks! (Pfft it sounds less amazing when I say it like that but yeah you get it.) For a lazy person like me, it’s quite commendable okay. I haven’t played badminton in literally years and I have not ran in ages as well.

The aches I have experienced after my exercises were… wow. But well, happy pains right? Shows that I had a good work out and my body is getting stronger (Y) Hehe.

Couple workout, gym, exercise routine
Sweaty after workout.

[Boyfriend says my Instagram caption was bimbotic, I thought it was cute. Pfft.]

Couple workout, gym, exercise routine

Got Yibo to come over to my place last Saturday and we both had a good workout in the gym. Him working hard to do better for his IPPT, and me just struggling to persevere through 2.4km which used to be simple. LOL. Unfit max.

Am keen to continue this routine. Maybe once every few weeks we’d go to the gym together. I think that’s motivation for me to exercise. And also stay longer on the treadmill.

With love,