Birthday parties and photobooth fun

We all went quite crazy with the photobooth at Marcus’ 21st birthday party yesterday. It was quite insane and quite paiseh to have left with that many photos! LOL. Ms Fang did much of the damage can I just say… Can’t keep up with Ms Fang’s crazy poses and spontaneity omg.

Aww Snap Photobooth
This is just the tip of the iceberg LOL.

It was a nice party at a cafe at Esplanade Mall. Was there with Jasmine, Huiyun, Zhengnan, Royston and Baisheng. Ms Fang came a little later.

I felt very happy to catch up with these old teammates that I haven’t seen in a long time. In the first place I don’t hang out with them much in the past, so it’s nice once in a while to meet up and share laughs together 🙂 We had loads of fun at the photobooth though LOL. Esp props. And having to squeeze all of us into the frame. And Jasmine’s mouth getting constantly blocked by the guys at the front LOL.

This makes me think about the series of 21st birthdays that will be oncoming next year for my friends and I. Hmm. I’m definitely not a party person but I will look forward to seeing how my friends celebrate theirs hahaha.

With love,