First time at Dempsey

Another session of girly talk clocked in with Raey on Wednesday, before she leaves for Canada 🙁

Wanted to go somewhere interesting since it was a weekday and I thought we should make use of the fact that it wouldn’t be very crowded! Raey suggested we go to Dempsey Hill to have lunch and maybe have B&J’s after.
Very convenient to get to Dempsey Hill because we took the shuttle bus from the bus stop outside the Thai Embassy. And the bus uncle is very nice haha. It dropped us right outside House. It’s a cafe kinda place, the ambiance was really nice!


Dempsey House

8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
Tel: 6475 7787

Dempsey House @ Dempsey Hill

It was a really nice place, especially because it was a weekday, the place wasn’t too crowded and so we kinda got seated at a cosy corner all to ourselves 🙂 The menu items were quite costly though, I wouldn’t say they are student-friendly prices haha. And there weren’t many pictures in the menu, so I couldn’t really picture what the descriptions were.

Dempsey House Curry Mustard Fries/Truffle fries

We definitely had to give the truffle fries a try 😉 Especially when our place mats were a photo display of the special fries they had to offer! Instead of getting the standard truffle fries, we decided to go for the Curry Mustard Fries. It was the only one that was potato out of the 4 special fries they had. Plus it looked pretty good on the menu 😉 Couldn’t taste much of the mustard though, it was more of the curry. Like upgraded Shaker Fries oops LOL. It was good though, and a big portion of them!

Dempsey House; Roast Chicken with Mash & Fondant Carrots

And since the fries looked pretty overwhelming, we got a main to share! Which proved just about right for both our stomachs. We had the Roast Chicken with Mash & Fondant Carrots because the picture looked pretty good in the menu! 🙂 It was delicious though!

Dempsey Hill selfie

Selfie taken while we were waiting for the 3pm shuttle bus. The next one would’ve been 6.30pm so we gave B&J’s a miss and went to get Gelato from Ion instead! We next spent the next 2 hours or so sitting at the benches at Ion’s Level 4 and talked and talked and talked…

Hahaha it’s nice to know that we can have such honest conversations and I am still looking forward to our day to Punggol Park to take pictures soon! HAHA. Vain girls will be vain.

With love,