Bukit Timah Truss Bridge

Sunday’s little explore

Bukit Timah Truss Bridge

Decided to do something fun with Yibo last weekend because we’ve been doing aimless shopping and walking about in town recently. Wanted to go somewhere where we can take pictures and soak up some sun as well.

I looked up the KTM Railway Station and related terms to find out how to get there to walk the trail and stuff. Found this really helpful article from Yahoo which had all the directions to get there. We wanted to get to the Bukit Timah Railway Station to see the tracks and take photos!

The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens, along the Circle Line. We took a little walk round the Botanic Gardens since we were already there. It was quite crowded though, with tourists and foreign workers, domestic helpers on their Sunday off-days having picnics and what-not.

We then took the bus from the bus stop right outside the Botanic Gardens entrance. There are actually many buses you can take to King Albert Park, which is the stop you alight at to get to the Bukit Timah Rail Corridor. We took the short time spent on the bus to cool down from the heat…

Crossing the truss bridge

To get on the trail, we had to cross to the opposite of the road and get up on the bridge. There were quite a few joggers and hikers there and we both seemed to be the only ones dressed like a boss because we weren’t in any sporty attire or hiking gear LOL. I was wearing my patterned romper while Yibo wore a collared shirt (stupidest choice, he did hate himself for that). And we were both wearing sneakers, not even trainers or anything!

My clean plimsoles before I stepped into a mud patch 🙁

Walking further down the bridge in the opposite direction from where you came from, you’ll see the Bukit Timah Railway Station! The rustic old brick sign is still there. A small section of the tracks are also still there.

The train platform made a very good stand for a self-timer shot once again!

Continued walking down the trail and it really looked like it was an endless road for awhile, like we had no idea where that trail led to.

Big long stretch of footpath after the railway tracks.

We strayed from the trail midway and were greeted with this huge canal. Looked quite magnificent to me because you don’t really see that in Singapore LOL. And we were surrounded by greenery. We then followed another footpath in that place and got a little scared halfway because we had no idea where we were going! It was quite comforting though that we had each other at the very least haha.

The huge canal that greeted us as we walked down this slope.

I like how colourful this picture is. My colourful romper, dirty plimsoles and the rocky terrain.

A very narrow and scary trail that continued from the canal.

We found ourselves coming out in the middle of Holland Road, like this private estate area. Surrounded by all that rich people property haha. We were super sweaty and tired from that whole walk, took us about 2 hours I think? Doesn’t sound that long now that I write that down, but it sure was when we were walking, especially not knowing when the trail would end! I was more scared that we were walking to a dead end!

It was a very peaceful day with nature and Yibo. I felt really blessed just walking down those trails with Yibo, hand in hand, with no one else around. The beauty was really in the fact that we were alone. Scary at some point but it was peaceful. And not to mention I was unplugged for the whole walk, because I did not even hold on to my phone.We just talked and walked and it was like we belonged in a bubble on our own. Of course I did get connected to the world again when I had to use GPS to figure out where we were after exiting the trail LOL. All in all, cherishing these carefree days we have.

Bukit Timah Railway Station

5 King Albert Park, Singapore 598287

With love,