Adventure time with my babes

This is just going to mainly photo spams because it’s been almost a week since they were taken and I am just too lazy. So just a sharing of photos it is.

These were all taken at Punggol Waterway by the way. As you can see in some photos, the colours are a bit dark and the sky looks apocalyptic. Because it rained twice while we were out there in the open and we had to find shelter both times. It was really pretty epic but also because of that, the weather was cooling and not humid 🙂 And the sun was kind to our skin. I don’t think I got even  a slight tan that day!

We were at the Lorong Halus Wetlands area, just across the bridge you will see this whole land of tall grass. I don’t think it was the lalang grass, I’m not really sure what grass that was LOL. Sigh but it looked good. So, hahaha. I gather that you might have to walk much deeper into the ulu areas in order to see the lalang grass in all those blogshop pictures and other artsy shots.

With love,