Punggol Waterway Lalang Field

Punggol Waterway Lalang Field

So as you’ve seen from the previous post (link), I’ve kinda done a pictorial summary of my day out with my girls at Punggol Waterway the other day.

Please also pardon all the sub-par photos, I know its not any of the expected artsy shots for a lalang field hahaha. We aren’t professional or aspiring photographers, we were just looking to have a great time, which we did!

Before embarking on our adventure, I googled ‘lalang field Punggol’, ‘Lorong Halus Wetlands’ etc to find more information on how to get there. Well the last I’ve been there was with Rachel last year (link) and we didn’t exactly get to a nice patch of lalang. So I thought I’d want to find that this time. I think we found the lalang field, we saw it just in front of the bridge (not needing to cross it) and because it was a bit rainy and wet, we didn’t step in. Good thing we didn’t though it rained after that.

We went across the bridge to Lorong Halus Wetlands area instead. And wow it was so pretty there. Like totally detached from the main park on the other side. Not to mention it was breezy and cooling that day too (also because it was cloudy and rainy) so the weather was really fitting with that serenity. Think because it was a weekday morning, not many people were there. A few joggers now and then, but most of the time we had the place to ourselves and we had so much fun 🙂

How to get there:

So if you bothered googling before, Riveria LRT is the station you want to alight at to get to there. And most sites tell you to walk in when you see Popeyes, but really, I don’t think you will see it (because we didn’t -_-).

Basically after you exit the LRT station, whenever you see that it is possible to walk inwards (that is, opposite from the HDB flats), just walk straight in, you should see Popeyes when you do that. Or other cafes and restaurants. Then there should be a staircase or slope that leads to the running path of Punggol Waterway Park. And you should be able to see the bridge 🙂 Of course Lorong Halus Wetlands is also clearly stated on the park map when you see the board along the paths. Good luck!

I had a really fun day with Raey and Jieyu just taking pictures of each other and making each other laugh. But unfortunately without a tripod, we couldn’t capture a shot of all three of us together. We could only #selfie hahaha. And of course only take pictures in pairs HAHA. I really love the candids of Raey and I. We look so happy and natural hehehe.

…And we had a sinful Popeyes lunch after our very torturing walk in the rain 🙁 It rained twice that day and each time it did, we would pack up and walk to shelter. Jieyu carrying her umbrella, and Raey and I carrying Jieyu’s picnic mat over our heads (thank goodness for Jieyu’s picnic mat!!). Also would like to mention that we did not see Popeyes when we entered the park, but only saw it when we exited the place -_-

With love,