Mid-week motivations

I don’t think time only flies when you’re having fun. It obviously also flies when you are stressed or in need of more time. Pfft I can’t believe it is already week 4. All my assignments and deadlines seem so much closer now omg. Need. More. Time.

Weeks go by really quickly because now I’m occupied like every day of the week. When there is no school I’m working part-time. It sounds stressful but really it isn’t haha work is quite a breeze. I just dread being there because it’s boring, but it doesn’t take up all my time. Thankfully.
School is dreadful as always but I always look forward to lunch breaks with my friends hahaha. Eating brings such pleasure LOL. Especially my Wednesdays with Hazel and Wanxian 🙂 It’s so comforting to be able to go out for lunch (Thanks Hazel for being willing to drive us all out for lunch!) and get away from school.


 Finally tried out the much hyped about D’Good Cafe at Holland Village last week. It was much smaller than I expected and I didn’t expect it to be so confined and cramp too. I think the coffee is probably good, but I don’t take coffee so I didn’t try it haha. I had the aglio olio with prawns, which was not bad. Well nothing too special about it, but it wasn’t bad either so.. Not bad that I got 6 big prawns for $16 though haha.


 Also saw the famous window that people always take pictures at. Also didn’t expect that window to look so small LOL. Ambience wise it was definitely nice, it was a quaint little cosy space. We sat outside because the weather was good and well there was no one else outside. We had the space to ourselves to have girly talks and laugh. The indoor areas looked a bit more cramped and the air-conditioning was very cold haha.

I’m supposed to be thinking of some place else to go this week… Still researching.

With love,