Korea Iphone

Summarized in little squares

This trip to Korea has been a fantastic one and I haven’t even seen all of it. Visiting an Asian country definitely allows us to thoroughly enjoy the food there. I can’t even recall a moment when I missed Singapore food because I was too busy indulging myself in all the Korean delicacies!

By the way, I went there with 16gb worth of memory card space and have almost used up all that space. And that is horrifying LOL. Started taking short clips together with snapshots of the trip 🙂

I’m not even halfway through looking over all the photos. That will take ages. So I shall start off with all the photos I took on my iPhone 5s, have yet to be able to test the quality of the new I6 because I didn’t dare to bring my brand new phone overseas.

(It isn’t in chronological order btw)

– Petite France – Seoraksan Park – Streets of Seoul –

– Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm –

– Korean ramen madness – Mirror selfie – Traditional houses in Bukchon Hanok Village –

– Jajangmyeon + Tangsuyuk – Beef stew with the family – Simple kimchi ramen –

– Demilitarization zone between North and South Korea – Semi-frozen pond –

– Garden of BCJ Paju –

– Garden of BCJ Paju –

– MBC Drama filming set – Snowy roads near Hallasan, Jeju –

– Lotte World – Hello Kitty Island – Teddy Bear Museum –

– Overwhelming choices of cup noodles – Selfie one bright morning – Jeongbang Falls in Jeju –

– Snowstorm that swept through Jeju at the Sangumburi Crater and our traditional hotel –

More pictures to come.


With love,