first day at seoul korea

Day 1 in Seoul

Because we landed at night, we got accommodation at this small hotel called K-POP Hotel around Dongdaemun. Near the thriving shopping streets šŸ™‚ Took an express train from the airport to Seoul Station to make our change of train line and everything to get to our destination.

I don’t know if it’s just me or that I find the metro stations in Korea very handicap-unfriendly. There were like stairs after stairs that we had to lug our luggage bags through, and I rarely saw a lift. Especially for exiting the stations. Got us all sweating despite the cold winter haha.

First day roaming the streets of Seoul in the winter and we already couldn’t take the cold! All we wanted for dinner was something nice and hot to warm ourselves up.

Visited this small diner that apparently Running Man have gone before! Had simple kimchi ramen for everyone and also a little something to share.

Also tried out the famous street food! Fish cakes, rice cakes and hotdogs. There were a few stalls already just leading up to our hotel so it was all really convenient and irresistible at the same time. We couldn’t just walk by and not buy it haha.

The hotel was actually really nice and also has freeeeee Wifi (which according to Tung, = happiness hahaha)!!! Was really happy to be able to sleep in a bed after a day of traveling.

This whole trip will take me ages to finish blogging about HAHA.

With love,