Nami Island South Korea

Magic of Nami Island

We’ve never watched Winter Sonata, haha that was way before the Korean wave hit us. But I can see why Nami Island is the perfect place for a romantic drama to be filmed. Especially with the rows and rows of bald trees characteristic of the winter, it’s full of the feels haha. I just wish I could be here to see the place in spring or autumn (where the freezing weather doesn’t turn me into Rudolph or require me to dress like a bazhang). I would have much more freedom to go around haha. Also the trees would have leaves and there would be actual greenery on the island.

Because we are restricted by the school holidays, we always travel during the winter. At times it’s great to escape the humidity in Singapore, but other times it is just too cold to function omg. Sometimes wish we could go to places which would only require the most 2 layers of clothing hahaha.

We hired a guide from the tour agency This Is Korea called Luke to bring us around in Korea. Because he is a local, he knew all the good places to go, and because it wasn’t a tour group, we didn’t have to eat only at established restaurants and be brought to overpriced shops targeted at tourists.

He recommended that we had to try this special restaurant at Nami Island that sold “Shake Shake” Bento. Basically if you ordered the kimchi rice with cheese, the ingredients would be in a piping hot metal bento box, and you would be given rubber gloves to shake in order to have the rice mixed well! It was delicious! Especially comforting in the freezing cold weather.

They even had a statue of the main characters of Winter Sonata and it was VERY creepy I feel hahaha. There are quite a few restaurants, even Chinese food. Also convenience stores and some galleries of sorts, but we didn’t have time to look at them all.

And I was wondering if this was a Winter Sonata reference, the mascot of Nami Island is a snowman. So it was pretty much everywhere, even by the fire pit where everyone gathered quickly for some instant warmth. Reminded me of Olaf hahaha.

Nami Island

1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Ferry Schedule: 0730 – 2140
Admission fees: 10,000 won (Adults); 8,000 won (Youths, seniors over 70, persons with disabilities); 4,000 won (Children aged 3-13)*
*Two-way ferry trip from Namiseom Dock included

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