Garden of Morning Calm Korea

Dreamy night lights

The Garden of Morning Calm. Didn’t get the charm of the place when we first got there because the sun hadn’t set yet. But when the sun started setting and the lights in the garden began to light up, everything just looked quite mystical and pretty!! The lights are only on during the winter, part of this Lighting Festival.

I think it would be really different and pretty in the blooming seasons. Hmm I’ll be back haha. Especially those really tall trees and they had lights all up the trees like Christmas decorations! Very very calming view as the name of the garden promises hahaha. There were also some Christmas music playing in the background which really added to the atmosphere!

The huge gardens were also lighted up completely and it looked really pretty. Don’t really think the pictures do the view justice haha. Our guide Luke tried for ages to help us take a family shot with the gardens in the background but it was so difficult in the night! I don’t think the pictures look very clear and got a bit grainy because it was so dark… Portraits were hard there haha.

Some displays were very pretty. The atmosphere was quite magical and all, like sparkly lights everywhere. Especially those tunnel things which were allllll lighted up with the fairy lights omg. Many couples were there on dates haha. And EVERY couple was holding a selfie stick??? I think the selfie sticks are really popular in Korea! Hmm maybe I should invest in one so Yibo and I can take top-notch selfies when we are on dates!

I think my best part of the whole evening was that it was snowing! Quite heavily at some point. It was the first day seeing snow being in Korea. We were really excited heh. It was really pretty seeing the snow fall around us while seeing all the lights around too. It’s a pity it can’t really be captured on the camera, I did capture it on video though. These experiences can only be fully embraced when one is there personally haha. Many a times while I’m on holiday I wish I can share those memories with Yibo (especially the romantic spots), and we will, one day 🙂

The Garden of Morning Calm

432, Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Opening Hours: 0830 – 1900; 0900 – 2100 (Lighting Festival)
Admission Fees: 8,000 won (Adults); 6,000 won (Youths & Seniors); 5,000 (Children)

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