Seoraksan South Korea

Too windy for Seoraksan

Before heading to Seoraksan during a really chilly morning, we stopped for an early lunch at this restaurant that serves beef stew in a stone pot. The stone pot doesnt look too big but when we started digging in we realized the portions were actually quite generous! I was also very happy to see that they served mixed grain rice instead of plain white rice. I felt less guilty stuffing my face with all the food knowing it was that bit healthier heh.

It was really in true Singaporean spirit, shiok to enjoy the piping hot beef stew in the winter. The beef was really tender too. Also, we didn’t have much of a breakfast that day because we were going to have an early lunch. Beef stew is a must-try!

Unfortunately due to the unbelievable wind that day (I think my face was almost left there after the wind swept past), the cable car up to Seoraksan stopped operating. It was quite a pity that we didn’t get to go up to see, but then again if it was already that windy on the ground, I don’t even want to imagine being up the mountain… We settled for a little look-around at the National Park and checked out the scenery.

Visited a little shrine of sorts that was under the gigantic Buddha. Made a little donation to the place and we made wishes for the family in view of the upcoming new year 🙂

Can’t really review this place because we didn’t actually get to take the cable car up. But I heard from my aunt it was loads of walking and they were tired out.

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
Peak Seasons: April – May; July – August; October – November
Admission Fees: 3,500 won (Adults); 1,000 won (Ages 14-19); 500 won (Ages 8-13)

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