A belated Christmas

Well I cannot even remember the last time I saw my cousins and had an actual gathering with everyone since that belated Christmas celebration. Ok it was kinda a belated Christmas gathering, as well as just a fun day of activities for everyone, AND also celebrating my grandparents’ birthdays because they are hip like that hahaha.

My aunt, who works at Mt Faber SAFRA, suggested that the whole family went to try out this new thing that was quite popular there, which is iDarts. For starters, I have never played darts in my life, and it’s the same for I guess 90% of us hahaha. So we just went there and fooled around for the most part.

We all came earlier to bowl and we had loads of fun haha. Haven’t bowled in so long and sucked at first but eventually got a few strikes LOL (not too bad afterall). The darts was really fun! They use electronic dart boards so the scores are all computed. I also got bullseye a couple of times hehehe 😉

Apparently for the counting up, if guys get >450 and girls get >400 points, we get to claim a free dart set! Just a box with 3 of the plastic darts. It was really exciting because a few of us managed to hit the winning score! Brenda and I got it in the same game 😉 Hehehe.

It was also so cool because all 3 of us 大姐s (as Sean puts it) brought along our +1 to the gathering 🙂 It was heartwarming seeing Yibo have fun with the other people I love dearly as well and really bond with some of the boys hahah. It’s a pity he won’t be around for CNY but I’m sure we’ve got plenty of other chances 🙂

Andddddd, longest yet most awkward couple award goes to……….

With love,