sokcho fish market

Sokcho Tourist Fish Market

Before this happy Korea trip blog post, I would like to take a few sentences to mention how sad I am that a whole new semester is starting already. I haven’t nua-ed enough at home 🙁 The past 2-3 weeks have been spent sleeping late (lol), attempting to commit to a pilates workout daily, and a lot a lot of slacking/me-time. I am not ready for the craziness of university to start all over again mehhhhh.

Time just flies by so quickly and honestly it’s quite scary. Soon I will have to start worrying about being employed after I graduate (or rather, can start worrying now?!) -cries- Okay moving on:

Unfortunately our guide Luke brought us to this fish market after our rather heavy lunch, if not I would have loved to try the fresh seafood there! The tables to sit were literally right next to all the tanks where the fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters, squid etc were. We even saw a fish jump out of the tank because I guess it was quite overcrowded in there haha. Also have never seen a squid alive and so up-close before, like just by my feet. Such an experience. I would have wanted to try the raw seafood Korean people enjoy, not too sure if I would enjoy it though.

We did however, enjoy a traditional form of pancake? I think it contained quite a variety of seeds in it as well. There was also a peanut filled one. It was made on the spot and still hot as we ate it. Anything hot is comforting in the winter hahaha. It was very delicious 🙂 We even took a photo with the stall owner who was really friendly.

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market

16, Jungang-ro 147 beon-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwan-do
Opening Hours: 0900 – 2100

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