ski resort korea

I hate skiing now

No we do not look cool in those ski gear right, hahaha. Maybe we just looked the part, but I don’t think I will be trying out skiing again. The slope was so terrifying! Our guide told us it was a beginner slope. PFFT it isn’t, so not a beginner slope. It was so steep!

I was legit scared for my life while I was sliding down because I was going SO FAST and I couldn’t really control because duh I am a beginner 🙁 So I made myself fall like twice and by the second time, I had no more energy to get back up by myself.

Hehe when the ski patrol guy came by to ask if I was okay, I said I didn’t dare to ski down by myself so he guided me down. He ski-ed in front of me while holding onto me hahaha. Literally my saviour. The slope was no joke. Think I am quite scarred by the experience -_-

The ultimate comfort food for me would be the famous Korean fried chicken, or a gigantic bowl of instant noodles/ramen/any-noodles-actually. It was very comforting thinking that we were going back to the hotel to dig into the box of fried chicken after the pretty scary skiing experience I just had then.

It was pretty spicy though! But it wasn’t piping hot anymore of course because we bought it from the Sokcho Market. Very delicious. The meat wasn’t too tough, and yeah it was the whole chicken but yet still too much for 5 of us to finish! Tung had to drink loads of water (or Coke) to cool her mouth down because the spice was too much. Definitely a must-try!!!

With love,