Jajangmyeon korea

Heavenly jajangmyeon

Oh my goodness I think our first jajangmyeon experience was fantastic! Thank goodness our guide Luke knew the place to bring us 🙂 The noodles were really springy and not soggy at all. The sauce was also just thick enough, with some chopped up onions, potatoes and meat. It was very nice haha and the portions were generous! Lots and lots of noodles. Tung and I shared a bowl and we enjoyed it so much, also really full. What I would give to have it again… 🙁

We can always eat jajangmyeon again in Singapore, but it will never taste the same again. It was heaven to us especially because we were really looking forward to trying it. We always saw Koreans eating it on television and reality shows and they always looked so delicious! And sure were we glad when we weren’t disappointed hahaha. I will be back for it again.

With love,