Hongdae street Korea

Loots from Hongdae street

We met up with my cousins’ family on their free-and-easy day and we decided to go on a shopping day at the famous Hongdae Street near Hongik University. Since it’s near a university, many young people mingle and hang out along these streets.

So many shops also sell trendy young people clothes and on weekends there are people who perform on the streets. We reached at around 11am so it only happened later in the day. I got a pair of shoes, a new bag and a dress from here hehe 🙂

After a while of shopping, we went on the hunt for lunch! Found this restaurant on one of the streets that had beef hotpot stew so we quickly stepped in. It was really cold that day, windy and all. We were having a hard time and walked into as many shops as we could to escape the cold. The hot stew was really nice and the beef really tender! Lots and lots of mushrooms especially. We also ordered instant ramen to go into the stew hehe like true Korean stew 🙂

Anddd of course we couldn’t forget the iconic food stalls by the streets!!! My family enjoyed these so much while we were there because there were like 3-5 of them right outside our hotel in Seoul. We always bought the fishcake soup and the fried food on our way back to the hotel and enjoyed them while in the warmth of our room 🙂

Hongdae Street (Hongik University Street)

Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si
Nearest subway station: Hongik University Station

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