Injingak Korean Border

Visiting the DMZ

As a former history student, it was quite amazing looking around hear the border of North/South Korea. Like after reading all about the Korean War and all the atrocities of North Korea, it felt so real when I was actually there. We went to Imjingak, which is a Shrine to the Displaced.

Imjingak is the nearest we can get to the border and it’s amazing. There were a few memorial monuments, commemorating all the people who died in the midst of the war.

There was this metal wall-like thing, all rusted. There were messages, in different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Malay etc.), all wishing for peace for Korea. It was heartwarming knowing so many people from different parts of the world also wish for peace in the country, for the unification of Korea. By the barbed wire barriers were also many ribbons of various colours, with wishes written on them, mostly for the unification of Korea as well. It was quite pretty to look at.

Also, there was the Freedom Bridge, which was the bridge where many South Korean and Allied prisoners-of-war crossed over after the Korean War.

Imjingak National Tourism Site

148-53, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Open all year round

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