BCJ Gardens Korea

Secret garden

This secret garden was my favourite area in the botanical gardens!!! I keep saying I would love to see the same places in a different season because we always travel in the winter. Sigh, I want to see the grass green and the trees with leaves and all hahaha.

While we were at the tourist centre at Paju before walking to Imjingak, we came across the brochure for the Botanical Gardens of BCJ and it looked beauuutifullll so we decided to ask Luke to bring us there! Also, a few dramas have been filmed here before, so my parents were quite interested to see the place. Personally I didn’t watch any of those dramas but the enchanted garden area looked really pretty.


We came across in this small lake/pond/body of water (lol) which was frozen. Well but we were informed that it was not frozen enough because the weather was not cold enough yet. So essentially it was only a thin little layer of ice. Pfft, we could’ve gone ice fishing and I would have really want to walk over the frozen lake haha.

(The different colouring in the pictures is so disgusting and I am so sorry. The pictures are a mix of  our guide’s and my camera. And just so different settings. Try to appreciate each picture in its own beauty hahaha)

The gates and statues made the place look really magical, like something out of a movie. But I believe it probably will feel really scary in the night because there was faces all around you. It’s a pity my photography skills are sub-par, so I can’t really capture the full beauty of my surroundings 🙁 It’s not a fantastic touristy place or anything, but if you really like the atmosphere, it would serve a fantastic backdrop for a mini photoshoot hahaha being all artsy.

The Botanical Garden BCJ

166-1, Beolmanjang-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Opening Hours: Mar – Nov: 09:00-18:00; Dec – Feb: 10:00-21:00

Admission Fees: 7,000 won (Adults); 6,000 won (Youths); 5,000 won (Children/Seniors)

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