My best childhood friends

The oldest one out of all of us is already turning 22 this year, and we have never hung out together before! I guess we were still young last time and too busy having no life with crazy school work (not that they are non-existent now lol). Haha nowadays all us kids are so busy with school and all the major exams are happening, that we don’t get to see each other often anymore 🙁

Us, the bigger kids of the family, decided to meet up one day before the school semester kicks in for us uni kids, before enlistment comes for Meng, and before the A level prep goes crazy for Sean 🙂 So happy to be able to hang out with all of them. We rarely get to sit down and chat and we spent hours talking at the restaurant and after that at Cold Stone!

Really glad to be able to spend the day with them 🙂 We need more of these soon!

With love,