Appreciating old friends once again

Happy birthday Sarah once again! One of my treasured friends from the good Dunman High days 🙂 Reuniting with friends like these make me miss secondary school all over again.

I don’t know why I ever doubted my level of friendship with this bunch but it all just disappeared when we finally meet up. It’s heartwarming to know that we still hold a special place in each other’s hearts and we are still able to have honest HTHTs with each other :’) And I’m so thankful to have friends like these.

Didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with Sarah at her birthday party but it’s normal, that’s okay. We’ll get to spend more time on Tianwei’s party! I had a very nice chat with both the boys, whom I haven’t talked to in such a long time. Really missed times like these. We’ve all grown and changed so much over the years. The boys have well matured (a little HAHA) and also looking better now. Two eligible bachelors up for grabs hahaha.

I get shy on social media so I’ll never be a person to write cheesy/lovey-dovey captions on Instagram or Facebook. But not knowing who reads this space lets me write more honestly. Haha.

Love you all. Including Renee who is in the UK! ♥

With love,