MBC Dramia Korea

Visiting Korean drama sets

 Visited the MBC Drama filming set on this day. It was so cool though! It was where 大长今 was filmed, and that was such a classic that we watched back in the day. It was also the set where they filmed many other historical dramas, but I don’t watch too many of that. My mum recognised many dramas though.

You’d notice that as the trip progresses, less of our faces are exposed haha. The weather got colder and colder 🙁 I was so cold I almost wished I could cover my whole face up in a mask LOL. Especially when the wind blew at us. Omg.

The old houses, the gates, ancient marketplace. It was cool knowing many classic dramas were filmed there. And I was just walking through the places. The layer of thick snow over everything also made it all much more beautiful to look at 🙂

If you are a huge drama fan (esp the historical dramas), please go visit this place! It’s quite an ulu place though, driving there would be good.

MBC Dramia

Gyeonggi-do Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Baegam-myeon Yongcheon-ri 778-1
Opening Hours: March-October: 1000 – 1800; November-February: 1000 – 1700
Admission Fees: 7,000 won (Adults); 6,000 won (Youths); 5,000 won (Children)

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