Seoul Namsan Tower

Comforting ginseng soup

The classic N Tower, or Namsan Tower in Seoul that all the couples in Korean dramas go to on dates HAHA. Really wanted to visit the place. I always thought the love locks were up the tower, turns out it was just at a separate area outside of the building. We didn’t even go up the tower. The view from the bottom was already good enough. The Alive Museum was also located there. We didn’t have time to visit though.

Thankfully Luke knew a shortcut to N Tower. We didn’t have to climb those crazy amount of stairs up, which you’d have to if you are travelling there by public transport. It was so cold there too because it was quite high up, it was reallllly windy! It’s a pity we only had time to go there when it was night, didn’t get the opportunity to take nice pictures of the place 🙁

I feel like I’ve been calling every single meal in Korea comforting. But in the winter, anything hot IS comforting. Like I totally look forward to every meal because I guess we are burning so much more energy trying to keep warm in the cold hehe. I’ve tried ginseng chicken soup in Singapore before, but I think this one tasted much richer. I enjoyed it though, but I didn’t really like the glutinous rice inside the chicken. But the servings were quite huge! I shared one bowl with Tung and we had another one to takeaway.

N Seoul Tower

105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Opening hours (Observatory): 1000 – 2300
Admission fees (Observatory): 9,000 won (Adults); 7,000 won (Children)

With love,