Korean BBQ Seoul

The taste of heaven

THIS. THIS IS THE MOST SATISFYING MEAL WE HAD OVER THE WHOLE TRIP. We have tried Korean BBQ before in Singapore, but wow this is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before.

We enjoyed this meal the most. The lady at the restaurant also helped us cook the pork, and she also taught us how to make the lettuce wraps 🙂 We were also sat at a table tucked away in the corner, so we didn’t feel like aliens among all the Koreans hehe.

The cut we had was the pork shoulder. It wasn’t the well-known pork belly because we were gonna eat that in Jeju, which is famous for their black pork. But anyhow, the pork was REALLY tender and juicy omg it was heaven in my mouth. We had a really hearty meal and all finished our rice! Sigh I wish Singapore’s Korean BBQ restaurants were that good. I’m salivating already hahaha.

The Korean BBQ are the MUST TRY.


With love,