Korea sauna

Korea sauna / jjimjilbang experience

I think this was the most laid back day we had in Seoul. All we did in the day was go to Insadong Street to shop around, which I think we bought many beauty products at. Then we headed to the jjimjilbang šŸ™‚ Anddd we had instant kimchi ramen for dinner hahaha too chill ~

We’ve always seen in Korean dramas (yes we watch loads, each to its own haha) how the sauna looks like. Like you get to sleepover, there is a common area for both the ladies and men to chill after bathing. And then those cute towels which they use to tie those funny side buns LOL. I felt so embarrassed when we had those on but we happily smiled for the cameras anyway.

The mass bathing experience in a common shower area was…scary. Found it humiliating at some point, wonder why we were subjecting ourselves to the situation LOL. But well… Guess after while when you see that they’re most ahjummas who really don’t give a shit about you, and no one cares to look at anyone, you kinda don’t feel so insecure about walking about naked anymore? At one point at the changing area I saw one lady sitting naked on the benches tapping away on her phone for I would say 15 minutes…? That, my friends, is truly zen-ed out.

Korea’s jjimjilbang experience is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Find one with lots of different saunas, there were really cool. There was one which was 80 degrees Celcius?! Wth can you even breathe in that room? I didn’t dare to step in. There was an ice room too, which I guess people stay away from in the winter haha. Definitely a great aspect of the Korean lifestyle to experience šŸ™‚

With love,