Days that go uncaptured

I had a short but sweet dinner date with Yibo this Wednesday.

No we didn’t have an elaborately planned out evening together. No we didn’t enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a classy restaurant. Nor was it any special occasion.

But I think simple moments like this are the most precious: when you didn’t intend to make it all special or memorable.

All we did was eat Burger King at one of the open function rooms at Yibo’s condo. We also spent all that time in darkness because the room hadn’t been booked. We laughed, we joked, actually more like I disturbed him like putting ketchup on his face LOL. After which he drove me home for the first time 🙂

It was such a simple date yet full of happiness for me. Only when I reached home and started actually processing and appreciating the day did I then realise that I forgot to sneak a selfie with Yibo.

I guess some of the best moments go uncaptured.

With love,