Jeju Island Hallasan

Beauty of Jeju-do

Jeju Island Hallasan
Jeju Island Hallasan

We managed to experience a different side of Jeju in the winter. It was really windy and the weather changes were verrrryyyy unpredictable.

Jeju Island Hallasan
Jeju Island Hallasan
Jeju Island Hallasan

Our first stop of Jeju Day 1 was Mt Halla or Hallasan! There was a winter festival thing going on that day and we wanted to drive up to check it out. But unfortunately there was a really long walk in because we didn’t take the shuttle bus.

Also, the temperature dropped lower than we expected! It was 8-10 degrees down the mountain, but 0 degrees up at Hallasan! Because we were quite underdressed for the temperature, we gave up the walk after 15 minutes and walked back down.

We did have good fun playing with the snow though, throwing snowballs at each other LOL. It really hurt btw, even though we had 3 layers of clothes each hahaha.

It was really easy for us to navigate the roads with our GPS because we could just enter the phone number of the place instead of the address and in Korean. We decided to try out the Mysterious Road. It’s literally just a stretch of road. It was also reallllly windy and we felt so cold we just took a short walk and rushed back into the car hehe.

The illusion is that because the surroundings by the road makes it seem like the road ahead is going upslope, but it’s actually downslope! So that’s why when you put your car in N gear, it looks like it’s going upwards hahaha. It was quite cool, no way you can capture it on camera so you have to go in your own car to witness the optical illusion!

Hallasan National Park

Haean-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Admission fees: Free
Opening hours: Open from 0500-0600
Bus terminals at Eorimok and Seongpanak

Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road)

Jeju-si Nohyeong-dong 289-15

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