Chinese new year 2015

Year on year

Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐!

No pun this year because…I can’t. HAHA.

Day 1 (初一)

(iPhone 6 front camera is greeeaaaatttt LOL)

As usual, first day of CNY was kickstarted with breakfast at Rachel’s house. My grandmother made carrot cake and yam cakes for breakfast, and my grandfather apparently baked cakes this year! Simple breakfast food but it’s always what I look forward to on CNY 🙂 拜年-ed to my grandparents and my aunt before moving onto the next house for lunch!

I’ve always been a big fan of my Ahma’s prawn mee, though part of me feels that the reason why I love my Ahma’s food is because she adds MSG in them (LOL). I’ve been eating a lot less of that now that she doesn’t live with us anymore. Pros and cons I guess! Since we had our steamboat reunion dinner a week before CNY eve, she decided to make prawn mee for CNY itself instead and we were all very excited 🙂 We also took our first family photo ever!

After lunch, we went on to visiting at my paternal grandaunt’s house, where I met the rest of the cousins. We drowned ourselves in CNY goodies, so much omg. Bakkwa, pineapple tarts, more bakkwa, noooooooo. LOL. Time to get back on the exercising now that CNY festivities are somewhat over 😮

We ended the day at Rachel’s house as usual where all the cousins gathered and spent time. We weren’t even hungry for dinner omg…the struggle was real. Ate so much on the first day.

Also, us cousins played mahjong together for the first time!! It’s usually our parents who are playing mahjong during gatherings, but now that some of us (just nice 4!) know how to play, this could be a new activity during gatherings! LOL. My grandfather was quite keen on watching us and teaching us and I guess he had as much fun as we did hehe.

Day 2 (初二)

As you can see, Tung is VERY well adjusted to Anders already hahaha congratulations ‘uncle’.
Just thought this was a damn funny photo because everyone looks so candid and goofy hahaha!
Tung’s kiddy attempt at an #ootd. So cute.

Thankfully second day of visiting was quite short and started late (3pm!), so I could sleep in more, having reached home at an ungodly hour of 2am?! Hahaha I wanted to wake up early to study but…c’mon.

Went to visit the rest of the extended family on my dad’s side at Toa Payoh, they booked a whole function room or something for karaoke. Always so crowded and festive when we get there. It’s quite heartening to see a family of over 60 people to always make a point to gather during CNY and to see each other. I mean everyone probably aren’t that close, but I think it’s good effort! We even have a Facebook group HAHA.

And as Rachel puts it ever-so-aptly on her IG, her ‘trusty white wall’ is the best place for photos especially in the evenings because the lighting is almost perfect hahaha. I don’t know what we’d do if they ever move! Took some ootds which you can see on Rachel and my IG hehehe. Also love the selfie we took, we look glowing! Also, Brenda and I look really fair 😛

Day 3 (初三)

Went to visit my mum’s grandaunt yesterday with my ahgong before heading over to Sean’s house for yet another session of mahjong omg. Also gambled for the first time (because my younger cousins are a bad influence HAHA) over mahjong with some of them, lost in the end but it’s all for good fun haha. We, however, NEED to play faster -cries-

Quite amazing see how much changes year on year. Checked out my CNY post last year and we just look so different, I probably feel the same way this time next year 🙂 Happy to be able to spend the festive season with all my cousins and family every CNY :’)

With love,