Jieyu's 21st birthday

A few of my favourite things

The title reminds me of Mary Poppins hahaha. One of my bestest friends turned 21 last weekend! Glad we were able to share the day with her (hehe first come first serve)!

We had dinner squeezed in a snug booth table with the rest of the gang at Fat Boys. I’ve heard good things about Fat Boys, and omg the menu is realllllly sinful HAHA. We felt beyond full after dinner and the conclusion is…the burgers are nice and all, but we should really stick to our usual Thai food instead hahahahaha.

As truly unexciting people, we ran out of things to do after having dinner and enjoying our tiny cupcake at Fat Boys hahaha. We ended up back where we celebrated Raey’s birthday last year and took loads of pictures. Also helped that Yibo brought his camera along and was kind enough to take them for us hehe.

Makes me so happy looking through those pictures, some made me want to laugh LOL. Aww I love them so much :’)

It also included my first experience with the selfie stick, which was quite hilarious hahaha. It is really quite a weapon too. ^^^ Also, check out our group selfie featuring half of Yibo’s face. He refused to be in our shot so well we DIY-ed it. Not bad right?

Always having such laughs with this bunch 🙂

Happy birthday Jieyu, hope you enjoyed spending time with us on your birthday as much as we did! Also, hope your birthday present arrives soon HAHA. Till then, ♥

With love,