Jia's surprise 21st birthday

Precious gems in my life,

The first half of the year is always really hectic and packed for us because everyone’s birthdays are cluttered month after month! But no matter how much time and grief went into the planning of things, seeing everyone makes it all worth it :’) Shared so much laughs with the gang this time round as usual.

Okay it may have been really tedious trying to coordinate everyone while we were all in the peak season of our semesters, but we all had fun in the end planning Jia’s surprise party, and of course in close cooperation with Toon all the way in the UK hahaha.

Surprise overnight stay, blindfolding, Skype call, yummy birthday cake and balloons

Happy 21st Jia!

We had a great time celebrating your birthday with you and hopefully your smiles in the photos meant you enjoyed as much as we did 🙂 It’s a pity you lost the ‘1’ balloon in the end but hahaha these photos will be permanent! Hehe all was fun and I really loved the the set-up we had.

Big thanks for Toon’s generosity in sponsoring the party planning and for wanting to work with us to surprise Jia. Big thanks to Yibo and Gerald for doing the shit work like buying some of the decor and running around to get everything in place on the day.

Big thanks to allllllll of us for having all that patience and effort to plan everything hahaha. Can’t believe we’re all turning 21 already!

Love you guys so much :’)

With love,