surprise 21st birthday

Birthday surprise


When I only expecting a simple dinner for my belated birthday celebration, this bunch surprised me in Yibo’s function room with a little ‘party’. Thank you all you beautiful people for doing this for me ^^ Love ya’ll so much, my biggest takeaways from DHS :’)

And yes I am wearing a hugeass ribbon which said ‘It’s my birthday’ + a huge burst of stars and colours hahaha goodness. I also got a helium balloon hehe, Tung was pretty jealous when she saw it.

So glad to hang out with this bunch, we always have so much fun doing anything. We tried playing beer pong LOL and wow it was tougher than I thought. I had to drink 2 full cups of beer, got my face a little red because my alcohol tolerance is just….. not there. It was Girls vs Boys though, I guess our standards were all quite shit hahahahahaha.

Very thankful for friends like these and can’t wait to be celebrating the many more birthdays to come with all of you xxx. I had a very fun day and I’m sure we all did 🙂

With love,