birthday family dinner

Sun With Moon

My actual birthday was spent roaming Orchard with Yibo, catching Age of Adaline and trying out Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe for my birthday dinner with the family + Yibo ^^

Age of Adaline was funny at some parts, especially when they tried explaining how she never ages. No one cares about the scientific logic hahaha. I feel like watching the movie on the huge cinema screen was to accentuate Blake Lively’s flawless glow. The vintage and classy look was so gorgeous on her omg *-*

Tried out the Sun Chirashi Don, which looked very appetizing on the menu. The many different kinds of fish also attracted me instantly haha. It looked deceiving small in portion when it first arrived, but once I started eating, it was actually quite filling. The sashimi of course satisfied me very much hehe.

It was a very sumptuous meal. The plain udon tasted very nice too, cept Yibo found it gross because it contained mushrooms LOL aww.

Our chocolate crepe cake which was shared between 6 of us haha how ridiculous. I think I ate most of it. I can get away with more chocolate cake on my birthday? Hehe, it was very yummy. I recommend!

We left the restaurant almost close to their closing time, and so we got to take pictures outside Browhaus whose wall provided a pretty backdrop heh. Happy that Yibo joined us for my birthday dinner, it was a very enjoyable meal ^^

Being 21 feels so so surreal, feel like I’m still 18/19 and clueless about what I’m going to do with my life. Feel like I need a follow sentence beginning with “But…” and giving an awesome conclusion to me turning 21 and being more mature and stuff. But no.

Hahaha maybe sometime soon I can come up with something sounding more sensible and grown-up, like a person who is entering adulthood.

With love,