Enjoying unemployment

While others are slaving away, or withering from boredom at their internships, (also not forgetting, adding to their impressive CV and accumulating job experience for their bright future), I am doing part-time home-based work at home.

However, I am very much enjoying this semi-unemployment status of mine now. I don’t have a desk-bound job, which steals me away from weekdays and all that daylight, and that allows me to spend my days more freely and work in the night.

(It’s not that I didn’t want to look for internships okay, I did so very diligently. BUT, because of my short 2 month commitment period, it was hard for companies to accept šŸ™ I’ll be doing part time writing for a company though, which is exciting, can’t wait for that to kick off hehehe.)

Feels like it’s been such a long time but summer actually has barely even started. Been spending my days really wisely the past week which put me in quite high spirits šŸ™‚ That includes spending more time with Yibo too, before he goes on his US holiday (mega jealous -_-).

Spent a fair amount of time with Gerald and Jia last week. Our initial intention to visit DHS ended up with a simple below-satisfactory lunch at Nihon Mura Express and a couple of hours in a LAN shop. OMG we need to stop behaving like teenage boys hahaha, which is all I see in those LAN shops.

Om nom nom. (We also need to take more pictures together guys)

We also went out for brunch at Oromo Cafe at Shaw Tower. It was very much nicer than I expected a Groupon meal to be haha, I’d possibly go back again! Also had a spontaneous mahjong session at my house, my first time playing mahjong in my own home LOL. It was fun actually, we can do it more often hahahaha.

With love,