Stateland Cafe Singapore

Are we hipster yet?

Thanks to Ben spoiling us girls by being willing to drive us around, Clar and I get to pick cafes that are not as accessible by public transport hehe 🙂 We visited Stateland Cafe last Sunday for a very satisfying brunch!

The place had quite a crowd, considering we were there when they just opened their doors (about 12.30pm?). Had to wait a while for the food, because we were at the back of the queue haha, but we were talking anyways so no worries.

(Excuse the iPhone quality pictures, the cafe was pretty dark in lighting)

The cafe had an industrial look? Haha rustic charms I guess. The seats were spacious thankfully, so we didn’t have to squeeze, like I did at Strangers’ Reunion. We ordered 2 mains and their Red Velvet Waffles to share between 3 of us, which was just right to fill our tummies 🙂 We got the Big Breakfast and the Truffled Mushroom Alfredo.

It was gooooood, could smell and taste the truffle very well. I think we enjoyed the mains more than the waffles though… The cream cheese on the waffles were a bit much… I couldn’t really taste the red velvet 🙁 Clar said “First time, last time” hahaha, but well, I might be back for the mains though!

Stateland Café

30 Bali Ln, Singapore 189866
Opening hours: 12noon – 10pm

Ben’s going to London, I’m going for my one-month holiday/summer-exchange trip and Clar’s flying away for a semester to Hong Kong for exchange!!! So much travelling hahaha. But we’ve already started making plans again to go visit more cafes before Clar goes away for 6 months! Hehe glad to be keeping contact with these old friends again 🙂

With love,