Free from school!

After talking about it for about the past 3 semesters, we finally got around to meeting up outside of school this summer!! Finallyyyyyy. (I’m using the word finally many times these few posts huh)

It’s also interesting to know that we’re all involved in different things this summer, and all going on our respective summer adventures (except good old Kin). We’re all going for overseas exposures this summer, can’t wait to hear about our different adventures when school starts again 🙂

The dessert at Chili’s was GREATTT. The chocolate cookie and the molten lava cake, omg it was so goooooood. Very very very rich in flavour, but it got a bit too much of us til the end. It needs more ice-cream to go with! Enjoyed our dinner and our long overdue catch-up very much 🙂

Thanks Wanxian to her new camera for providing the high quality pixels!!


With love,