Botanic Gardens Singapore

Bright colours in the sun

Of the few hours spent in the Botanic Gardens, other than slightly burnt shoulders and feeling really sweaty, I’ve returned home with a nice set of photos. I’ve been there with Yibo 3 times now, it’s really my favourite place to take pictures and get some Vitamin D hahaha.

Haven’t actually explored the Botanic Gardens from the Tanglin Gate before, till yesterday of course.

Went by the Sun Garden to see all the different cacti and succulents. Love these plants so much. Want to have them all over my home next time. Low maintenance and all.

The iconic Bandstand gazebo.

Yibo was whining for the LONGEST time because he bought sushi (upon my request hehe) and specially got sashimi too for our lunch and I was taking such a long time to settle down to eat. A hungry Yibo is a angsty Yibo LOL. But still he entertained my nonsense while I took pictures with the food hahaha.

We sat by the Swan Lake to have our simple sushi lunch šŸ™‚ Enjoyed it very much. Nicely in the shade. But unfortunately the Swan Lake only had like, 2 swans, which were really far from us.

Very very pretty Frangipani Garden with all those ancient swings that squeaked sooooo much. Took the most number of frowning photos because Yibo was really whiney about taking pictures. Also, I now have a Ā 9 second video of Yibo swinging on the squeaky swing which really made me laugh because he thought I was taking a photo HAHA.

Bonsai Garden.

Vanda Miss Joaqium looked really beautiful. Don’t think I’ve seen that many orchids, plus I also didn’t know orchids could grow that far up o_o It was quite hard to take photos with too.

Love all these photos so much šŸ™‚ Have pretty much got a huge selection of ‘faces I give Yibo when he takes photos’ to look at when I need a laugh. Can’t wait for our Europe adventure šŸ™‚

With love,