prawning singapore punggol

Spontaneity at its best

Had Yibo join us for a very fun family gathering on Sunday. Everyone played soccer together and card games hahaha. It’s good that we all start to spend quality time together again. We definitely had a phase where we all stuck to our laptops playing online games and stuff -cringe-.

We decided upon an impromptu prawning session the next day hehe. Knowing us, if we decided to drag it further, it probably wouldn’t have happened LOL. It was surprisingly successful! Well it wasn’t full attendance like we would’ve liked, but it was all good with Anders, Yibo and Zijie 🙂 Even brought Tung along because she wanted to join in on our outing haha.

We were there for almost the whole day omg, unexpectedly. Also thanks to the NTU kiddos Rachel and Anders that we got the rods for longer 🙂 We managed to catch 116 prawns!

Omg it filled up two trays nicely and we enjoyed eating very much. Tung also enjoyed herself despite not wanting to try prawning tsktsk.

It was a fun day :’) Very hot, but very memorable.

With love,