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Changi Boardwalk (rediscovered)

Ever since visiting Changi Beach Club for the first time with my family, I’ve always thought Changi Boardwalk made an amazing location for photos. I see some blogshops taking their photos there too, so clearly it isn’t a newly discovered place.

With much enthusiasm and spontaneity, Rachel and I decided to make a trip down to Changi Boardwalk to experiment with each others’ camera lenses and have a mini shoot like we used to (x).

Unfortunately, getting to Changi Boardwalk isn’t as easy as we would wish, I think the most convenient way to get to this particular entrance is by car. We parked by the side of the road (a really really narrow road) next to the Changi Beach Club Sports Complex.

Changi Boardwalk is actually a 2km stretch that goes from Changi Beach Club to Changi Village, so if you are taking bus, you can alight at the bus interchange at Changi Village and take a walk!

Unlike our original intention, Rachel and I ended up staying by the short Kelong Walk just outside Changi Beach Club for the whole 2 hours that we had. Despite the short time, we actually managed to get quite a lot of great shots 🙂

Changi Beach Club

2 Andover Road, Singapore 509984
(Changi Boardwalk Kelong Walk is right next to the entrance of Changi Beach Club!)

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