Day trip to Malacca

We signed up for a half-day walking tour around Malacca, which was also the shortest and cheapest tour on the list haha. The cruise couldn’t stop right by the land, so we had to go downstairs to take a small boat to Malacca, which gave me a spectacular shot of the whole ship as we cruised off ^^

Porta De Santiago

Once a Portugese fortress, this is the oldest European architecture remains in Asia.

St. John’s Fort Melaka

Many tombs with scriptures that I didn’t understand, remembering people whose lives were lost almost 500 centuries ago. It looked remarkable from the inside.

St. Paul’s Church Malacca

Only tucked next to the Fort Malacca, but it looks so much different. The church became a burial ground, with all the tombstones around the inside of the fort after the Dutch colonized Malacca.

Dutch Square & Christ Church

The red buildings brightened up the whole area and proved really eye-catching to everyone passing by, including myself.

Melaka Canal

Never did I imagine that such a nice canal would be visible in Malacca, it somewhat resembled what we have at Clarke Quay, with more rustic charms.

Jonker Walk

Jonker Walk was really interesting with many different shops around, including some hipster looking stores and cafes. Of course we cannot miss stores that sell chendol and chicken rice balls 😮

Unfortunately due to the time limitation, we couldn’t try out the famous chicken rice balls in Malacca. They looked really appetising when I looked through the windows though 🙁 My dad and sister did have time to try out chendol though, which according to them, was incredible! Also bought lots of local snacks and stuff because they were so cheap hahaha.

The weather was hot as hell but as usual, because of the incredible sunlight, we also had a good day and the photos looked great 🙂

With love,