London withdrawals

Now that I’m back and I’ve returned to my daily routine in Singapore, it somewhat feels like I never left? I think that’s supposed to be comforting, but somehow I find that disappointing. Like my short month away (which felt ages while I was away) didn’t seem real enough because it passed by so quickly.

Now that I am back to spending my lone nights in my bedroom, it feels as though those 3 weeks in London never actually happened because they still seem so surreal.

Such a strange feeling right. I have so many photos from my Europe and London trip I can’t even begin to start looking through them LOL. Also school is starting so quickly I’m not even ready for the madness to begin again 🙁

Also prepare for a long stream of posts from my travels hehehehehe. Probably take me a good 6 months to finish writing about them.

With love,